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  • 40 Gas Pipeline, Kuwait
  • A7/A12 Pumping Station, Kuwait
  • ABJ Fabrication Workshop - UAE
  • ABJ Fabrication Workshop, Kuwait
  • Ahmadi Roads Maint. Service, Kuwait
  • Ahmadi Villas, Kuwait
  • Al Hamra & Firdous Mixed Complex - Tower, Kuwait
  • Baniyaas Tower, Kuwait
  • Building New Booster Station BS 160 Project & UAE Habshan
  • Building New Booster Station BS 160, Kuwait
  • EPC for Fire & Gas Systems at MAA Refinery Project
  • Equate - Scaffolding, Kuwait
  • Equate Mech. Maint., Kuwait
  • Equipment Divisions- UAE
  • Equipment Divisions, Kuwait
  • Equipment Supply & Mech. Elet. Instu. & Civil Maint, Kuwait
  • Facilities Management of Al Oula Gas Station, Kuwait
  • Facilties Management of KN Facilties, Kuwait
  • FM of Central Market 2033, Kuwait
  • Gasco IGD Habshan 5 Process Plant, UAE Habshan
  • Habshan (Material), UAE
  • Installation Works At Sulaibiya Treatment Plant, Kuwait
  • Material Control Unit, UAE
  • OL2K Ethylene Glycol-2 Project
  • PIC Aromatics Complex Project


  • 11 KV Overhead Line, Kuwait
  • Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority, UAE
  • ADNEC Group - Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company, UAE
  • Arraya Office Tower II, Kuwait
  • Central Bank of Kuwait New Headquarters Building
  • Civil Maintenance of Waste Pumping - MEW, Kuwait
  • Civil Maintenance Work At Power Stations & Water Distillation Stations project
  • Complete Maint. Works for Services of Monitoring & Control CE Project
  • Electrical Equipment at Subiya Power Station, Kuwait
  • Eraection & Removal of 11KV Overheads Lines Project
  • Fuel Lines Maintenance & Service Contractual Issues, Kuwait
  • GNIS Operations, Kuwait
  • HVAC Maintenance - Shlumberger, UAE
  • KNPC - Mech. Maint. Servicea at MAA Refinery, Kuwait
  • KNPC Instrumentation Maintenance, Kuwait
  • KNPC Maintenance of Instrument & Control Systems, Kuwait
  • KNPC Scaffolding & Painting Services in 3 Refineries, Kuwait
  • KNPC Shuaiba & Amalgamation, Kuwait
  • KOC Full Maintenance Service of Production Facilities for North & West Kuwait Areas (Petrofac), Kuwait
  • Maintenance for I & C in Shuwaikh Water Distillation Plant, Kuwait
  • Maintenance of I & C Systems at Doha West Power Station, Kuwait
  • Maintenance of I & C Systems For Shuaiba Refinery, Kuwait
  • Maintenance of 11KV Over Head Lines, Kuwait
  • Maintenance of Electrical & Control & Tele Systems - Mew Sites -, Kuwait
  • Maintenance of Electrical and Control Equipment at MEW Sites, Kuwait
  • Maintenance of HV Electrical - Switch Gear, Kuwait
  • Maintenance of Street Lighting at Abdullah Al-Mubarak, Kuwait
  • Maintenance of Street Lighting at Hawally Governorate, Kuwait
  • Maintenance of Switchgears in Subiya Power Station, Kuwait
  • MEW Al Ahmadi Maintenance of 11/0.433 Ring Main Substation, Kuwait
  • MEW Doha West Maint. Of Electrical Switchgers and Auxiliaries, Kuwait
  • MEW Mubarak Al Kabeer Maint. Of 11/0.433 Ring Main Substation, Kuwait
  • MEW Subiya Maint. Of Electrical Switchgears & Auxillaries Project, Kuwait
  • North Kuwait Crude Oil System, Kuwait
  • PIC Maintenance, Kuwait
  • Repair & New Inst. Of LT Cable at Hawally, Khaitan & Salmiya, Kuwait
  • Scaffolding Contract (EQUATE), Kuwait
  • Scaffolding Operations UAE
  • Scaffolding Services (Equate) Mechanical Maintenace, Kuwait
  • Standby Diesel Generator for National Control Centre, Kuwait
  • Tail Gas Trating Unit (TGTU) of KNPC at Shuiaba Refinery, Kuwait

Operations & Maintenance

  • BASE Scope Customs Facilities, Kuwait
  • Crude Export Facilities of KOC, Kuwait
  • Effluent Water Disposal Plant, Kuwait
  • KOC Production Facilities at all Areas (South, East, West and North), Kuwait
  • Manpower Supply to TPL & DOW, Kuwait
  • Mishrif Pumping Station - Pre Award Works, Kuwait
  • MPW O&M Sewage Pumping & Lifting Station 2 Area, Kuwait
  • Ardiya STP, Kuwait
  • Sief Palace, Kuwait
  • Al Oula Gas Station, Kuwait
  • Electrical Power & Water Distillation, Kuwait
  • Main Pumping STP, Kuwait
  • Overhead Lines (North Kuwait), Kuwait
  • Power Stations and Water Distillation Plant for Mew, Kuwait
  • Sulaibiya WWT & RP, Kuwait
  • Pumping & Lifting Station, Kuwait
  • Rekka STP, Kuwait
  • Sulaibiya Waste Water Treatment Plant, Kuwait
  • Umm Al Hayam STP, Kuwait
  • Operation and Maintenance of Instrument and Control at MAA Refinery, Kuwait
  • Sulaibiya Waste Water Treatment and Reclamation Plant Personnel Selection for the Membrane Plant, Kuwait
  • MEW Shuaiba Power Station (GE & Al Nouri)
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